Hold On!

I never in life realized how impatient a two year old could be until i had Johanna. She will ask me to do the same thing over and over again until it’s done. “Mama, milk? Mama…mama…milk?” As you can guess, I’m usually pretty busy during these moments so my number one response is hold on, Johanna!

Right now we are in the potty training stages. She picked it up within a week of us training her, thank God from whom all blessings flow. Last summer she was almost fully potty trained when she had to go to daycare and started to back track, so this has been a long time coming! Anyway, yesterday i put her on the potty because she said she had to use it. This was in the midst of me getting the bed ready for the night. So i put her on the potty and tried to finish making the bed.

Johanna: all done. Up, mama?
Me: hold on, Johanna.
Johanna: up, mama?
Me: hold on, Johanna!
Johanna: Up, mama? Mama up?
Me: *gives Johanna a stern look*
Johanna: *with her head bopping from side to side* Hol’on Hanna *sigh*.
Me: -_-….bwahahahahaha!

Seriously, how could i be mad at that? Asking me the same question every two seconds drives me crazy, buy man this kids is funny! Gotta love her!

~ JM

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