Easter Craftiness for the Soul

One of the greatest joys that has come with being a mom is the fact that I get to do crafty things with and for my daughter. Every holiday fills me with excited because there’s something to be made, a place to explore, a new experience for her 2 year old mind. The next great holiday is Easter. A time for us as a family to celebrate Jesus dying for our sins, and then resurrecting. Nothing in life leaves me more in awe than that. I absolutely love Resurrection Sunday. It does my soul so much good and it is a great time to remember what our savior has done for us.

It is also yet another holiday where I get to give Johanna treats. Yes, we absolutely do teach her the real meaning of Easter, just like we do Christmas, but we also give her an Easter basket. This year, you know, since she has teeth and all, I’ve decided to make some of the items that go into her basket. Here is the latest addition:

ImageIt’s bunny brownies in a jar! How cute is this??? A customer asked me to make one for his daughter and I had to try it out first, so this one goes to Johanna. She loves baking with me and this is super easy. Plus the colors are so pleasant to look at. Fun! More fun stuff to come, like rice krispie egg treats. Yummo!


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