Kidriffic Weekend Events

I absolutely adore warm weather weekends. It gets me and the little one out of the indoors (movies, museums, playseums, etc) and outdoors for some fun! There also happens to be 9472954297534978 things to do in DC during the warm weather months. So I’m sure it comes as no surprise that this weekend we have quite the dilemma. You see, there’s draft day at FedEx field, and then there’s Maryland Day at the University of Maryland.


To know me is to know that I love football! More importantly, I love my Redskins. I was born loving the Redskins. I will ALWAYS love the Redskins. My first word was probably Gibbs. So do I love draft day at FedEx field? Of course! Wait…RGIII is going to be there too? I’m in! I think…

There will be food and an big open field, the only two things that Johanna requires. Being able to run up and down a field is something I’m pretty sure she dreams of. But there will be so many people and running will literally be the only thing she can do. So, then there’s Maryland day…


The thing that gets me about Maryland day is that there are 958567234987628945 activities going on and the University of Maryland campus is ginormous! There will be well over 40 activities for the kids alone to do. and 257243985923874285 activities for the adults.It sounds like fun and a headache all at the same time. I think how much sleep we get tonight will be the deciding factor on what we will do tomorrow.

If you don’t have any plans, come on out to Draft Day with the Redskins, or go to the University of Maryland. If you don’t like either of those options, checkout one of these other events like the Save The Frogs thing O_O You know…if that IS your thing…O_O No judging. Go frogs! O_O:

Move Me Festival
No matter what kind of dancing you want to try out — from traditional Hawaiian dance to clogging — this annual festival presented by Bowen McCauley Dance has you covered.
Kenmore Middle School
200 S. Carlin Spring Rd.
Arlington, VA

Save The Frogs
Kids can learn about the life cycle and habitats of frogs.
Locust Grove Nature Center
7777 Democracy Blvd.
Bethesda, MD

Washington Youth Garden Tour
U.S. National Arboretum
3501 New York Ave. NE
Washington, DC

Rockville Science Day
Interactive experiments and experts on everything from astronomy to zoology.
Montgomery College – Rockville Campus
51 Mannakee St.
Rockville, MD

Tavern Toddlers
Gadsby’s Tavern Museum
The tavern hosts weekly playtime in the ballroom, complete with stories and crafts related to Alexandria’s history. Best for walkers age 3 and younger.
134 N. Royal St.
Alexandria, VA

James and the Giant Peach
An oversize peach serves as a floating ship for a boy and talking bugs.
Imagination Stage
4908 Auburn Ave.
Bethesda, MD


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