I WILL eat clean, I WILL eat clean, I WILL eat clean…

Yesterday I chanted those very words as soon as I got to work, and I did real good for breakfast. I had protein for breakfast and fruit. I was well on my way…until the receptionist sent an email an hour later about there being food in the kitchen. I went to the kitchen with the intention of finding something to snack on since I didn’t bring much with me. That’s when I met an apple danish I couldn’t say no to…and I ate every single bite. Le sigh. Not today. Today I realy WILL eat clean! I’m determined to make this a lifestyle change. Pray my strength!


3 thoughts on “I WILL eat clean, I WILL eat clean, I WILL eat clean…

  1. Oh this is sooo hard, luckily i don’t have lunch at work but if it’s in my house and it’s chocolate I will eat it!! The key, not to have it in the house 😦 hubby rarely gets that memo. I’ve been doing pretty well with fitness, it’s the nutrition that gets me everytime. Great blog 🙂

    new fan following from sits 🙂
    and new blogger at http://www.hautedot.blogspot.com


    • Somehow I missed your comment, sorry! I found a great clean chocolate chip cookie recipe that I am going to post soon. It’s definitely helping with my bad cravings! Thank you for the comment!


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