The New H&M

H&M has been doing some exciting things! Like, finally becoming available for online shopping AND opening a new store in Friendship Heights DC. I’m totally geeked about both!I went to the grand opening in Friendship Heights and had a blast. They played music outside as we stood in line and the workers all came out to dance and mingle with the crowd (catch the video here). They gave away cute little H&M tote bags as well as cards that got us $10 off of our purchase. I wasn’t supposed to buy anything though. I was just going to browse…

Ok, so that didn’t quite workout as planned. BUT, I did put away 80% of the stuff I grabbed off of the racks and it was all about Johanna! I just got her a few things. One outfit that I couldn’t pass up and a couple of dresses.

Oh, and I bought a scarf for myself as well! You can checkout H&M here online. You can also visit the new store in Upper NW DC/Chevy Chase MD by taking the metro to Friendship Heights.


2 thoughts on “The New H&M

    • I thought about you while I was there. I wasn’t even thinking of going to the opening until my co-worker said let’s go. Then she didn’t end up going in because the line was so long lol. Don’t you just love those little outfits though? Adorbs!


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