An Awakening with Jill Scott

If you remember, a few weeks ago in this post I mentioned that Jill Scott would be doing a talk here in DC at the Native American Museum. I was hyped! I love Jill Scott. All of her songs make me feel like we are having a personal conversation about our experiences. About life, love, being a woman. I love it! I love her. Every time she comes to the area I go to see her. It just happened to be that this time she was giving a talk instead of singing. I was totally cool with that. One of my daughters daycare teachers asked me what she was going to be talking about. “*Blink* *blink*I have no clue, but I’m there!” Because honestly, it’s Jill Scott! She could stand there as a piece of art and I would still be there to watch. Luv me sum her!

That night I learned a lot about Jill Scott, but I also learned a lot about myself. She talked about not wanting the fame and recognition. She just wants to sing and be herself. The fame was too overwhelming for her in the beginning so she did what many would consider to be the unthinkable – she tried to sabotage her sophomore album. Because then we would forget about her and she could just go back to loving singing and no one recognizing her. Uhh, well, too late. Also, she just happened to have that golden nugget of a song called Golden on the album. Woooo chile! Golden is my feel good song! More than that though, look at God! He basically said you can TRY to shut down the gift I gave you, but I’m not here for that. I love it! She still shined.

What most of my readers don’t  know about me is that I have a love for acting. Always have. I acted from the age of 5-24. I stopped because I had a director who was pretty emotionally abusive and it made me not want to go on the stage anymore. So now I act in my head in my living room. I memorize lines from my favorite shows. I imagine the different roles I can play. Then I stop. It becomes painful and I stop. The stage was my home. I left all of me there every time I was on it. Not acting is like living with very little oxygen everyday. It feels very weird not to act. It makes me feel a little lost. I don’t like that feeling, but the stage, the experience, it still scares me. I was reminded of this when Jill mentioned that she had to sing. Had to. Like, she doesn’t actually have a choice.

This whole talk with Jill encouraged me to strip the layers of fear and live my authentic life. Continue to grow into the me that God wanted me to be, and pursue those things that scare the crap out of me. It’s there that I’ll find the growth I desire!

If you weren’t there, I wish you could’ve been. It was pretty inspirational. Lucky for you, there’s a video of her talk available, yay!

Shout out to Curvey CEO, Danielle of Songs in the Key of Life, and Mahoganie. It was great to be in the place with you. Love your energy ladies!

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5 thoughts on “An Awakening with Jill Scott

  1. Wow!! I didn’t know you have a love for acting! I used to act to, but I stopped, not sure why. We need to discuss this. I want to know more. I hope Jill Scott inspired you to think about picking it back up again.


  2. Good for you getting back into what you love! I hope you stick with acting as long as it makes you feel alive! Dancing is that way for me. I was away from a studio for nearly ten years and it was so hard. The day I went back, I was literally crying tears of joy in my car afterward. I am now pursuing a dance teaching position in my daughter’s studio. Wish me luck! 🙂

    By the way, found you through the SITS girls! I hope you’ll come visit me too over at Desert Momma!


    • Hey Holly! I used to dance as well! What kind of dance do you do? I wish you all the best with teaching dance, that would be awesome!
      Btw, I kept trying to comment on your blog but it said my OpenID credentials couldn’t be verified. I don’t even know what OpenID is :-/


  3. I wanted to go to this sooo bad but unfortunately had to work late and was unable to make it. I am glad that you enjoyed and I will definitely have to watch the conversation online.

    Thanks for sharing!

    P.s. I am trying to link up with other bloggers in the area and wanted to know if you would be interested in going out for lunch or coffee one afternoon. I have talked to some others from Baltimore, Richmond, and Alexandria and would love it if you would join in! My email is


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