Need a Daycare? Save Your Pennies

1303685261_187932135_1-Pictures-of--Family-Day-Care-Home-Homestead-FLI just got back from touring a new daycare facility for Johanna. I really like the Director and teachers at her current daycare, but I’m afraid they aren’t equipped to help her get where she needs to be in a few areas. Her speech is fine, but it could be much better, as well as a few other things. This is going to be hard because she adores her teachers, and you all know about the separation anxiety she was suffering. I’m not looking forward to this adjustment period.

On this search for daycare a second time around, I got frustrated all over again. I ended up exclaiming to a friend that it should not be this hard to find good daycare! Daycare should NOT be this expensive! A good Education and Daycare should be free for all. A parent shouldn’t have to decide whether they are going to sacrifice having electricity or live in a shoebox in order to afford daycare. From my search the average cost of daycare in DC is about $1650. That’s right, $1650. And I said that was about average. Some daycare’s cost $2200/m! That’s right. That’s a mortgage and some more stuff. That is ri-damn-diculous! Now, Johanna is in a two parent, two income household. How in the world do single mothers afford having kids? My hats off to them because we feel like we’re drowning with the two of us. We need for Johanna to get a job. She’s cute, she can model. I kid! Sort of. Ok, probably not, but whatevs, judge me.

While a lot of parents do want to leave their kids and put them in daycare, there are a lot that don’t and find it a necessary evil because they have to get back to work. Something has to give. Caregivers are being paid $10/hr and it leaves you to wonder where exactly the rest of that money goes. Think about it. If a center is making $1650 per child, and in one classroom alone there are 12 students, that is 19800. That’s $6600 per month per teacher in that classroom. Yet they bring home $1600 a month (this is all untaxed of course). Where da heck does the rest go? Because most daycares are not just one classroom, there are at least 3 other classes with 12 kids in there. Also, if you are bringing your child in as an infant you are paying even more. It’s bananas. I really wish society would refocus. I understand that nfl, nba, etc. players entertain us, but honestly, we need to pay those industries less and put more money and time into education.

My rants over, for now. All I know is that it took me quite sometime to find daycare options in my price range and even with I did find them, I had to worry about wait-lists. Did you know you could be on a wait-list for a daycare for years? Seriously. Someone told me they were on a wait-list so long that their son wasn’t able to benefit from the daycare (he is now in 2nd grade), but his little brother who was recently born will be able to because that spot that their mother signed up for years ago JUST became open O_O.

The moral of this story? If you plan on ever having kids, research daycare centers now. When you think you may want to try for a baby, put yourself on the waiting lists out there. There’s a good chance a spot won’t be available by the time you give birth. Save your pennies now. I’m not being facetious. The struggle for good, affordable daycare is real. Be prepared. And lastly, pay attention to what’s happening with education in this country and let your voice be heard. Nothings going to change unless we are proactive in our own lives.

Johanna visits the daycare on Monday. Wish us luck. We’re going to need it.

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2 thoughts on “Need a Daycare? Save Your Pennies

  1. Okay La La, now I know it’s not really my place but I think you should leave Johanna at the daycare center that she is at currently– ESPECIALLY WITH HER SEPARATION ANXIETY ISSUES. Pulling her out of her comfort zone right now would devastate baby girl. I believe you should keep her where she is & try It’s only $8 a month (or something like that) & she can stay where she is loved & comfortable.


    • Abc mouse didn’t work for her right now. I wish it did. We did the free trial a month ago. She never wanted to use it. I feel what you are saying, but our need to see her language skills as well as other skills improve trump her anxiety. I think she will be ok. We’ll see. I did discuss her anxiety issues with the director so that we are on the same page. This isn’t an easy decision at all.


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