I Won’t Cry…

Today was the day! Today was Johanna’s first day of big girl school and she rocked it like a boss!


When she woke up this morning we clapped our hands and told her it was time to get ready for school and she was so excited! She smiled real big and smothered the cat in a hug, then she was off to get dressed. When we got downstairs I surprised her with her Doctor McStuffins backpack and she was over the moon. She did NOT want to put it down. When we got outside she did not want to get in the car because she thought she was going to walk to school lol. Ummm, Johanna, while the school is in the neighborhood, ma’am, it’s a mile walk. We’re not doing that today lol.


When we got to school she was all smiles. I helped her put on her backpack and she was ready to go! We took her to her classroom and the teachers were very welcoming. Johanna sat down and DH gave her the breakfast he prepared (pancakes, banana, and orange juice). Johanna slightly ate a banana, but didn’t really want it. She was too busy checking out the classroom. We put her things away, spoke to the teachers, then told her bye. I knew she was going to be fine when she gave me a kiss goodbye. We left to handle some administrative stuff, then returned to the classroom to peep in through the back door to see what she was doing. I love my daughter. I love her manners. She sat there eagerly watching the other kids play, but would turn around and place her hands in her lap patiently waiting to be dismissed from breakfast. Even at daycare she was like that. She would not get up from the table to go play until she was properly dismissed. DH and I went back in the classroom to help her pack up the breakfast and then she was excused to play and she started having a ball. She played cars with another little girl and enthusiastically ran up to me with two of them. She was so excited! I was so happy that she was happy. We told her we were leaving and she happily said bye mama! Bye dada! That warmed my heart. I was ok. Mama wasn’t gonna cry. Babygirl is going to rock school and I know they will take good care of her because seriously, who wants to deal with me if they don’t O_o.

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A moment ago DH called to ask me how I wasn’t crying lol. I sent him the pictures we took this morning and he was teary eyed. His baby was off to school. Normally I would be teary eyed, but I know that she is ok, so I’m ok. And by October school will be an everyday thing that we’re all used to.

I’m wishing all of the kids, especially those in the DMV area, a wonderful, prosperous, fantastic, super fun, super thought provoking new school year. I’m saying a prayer and sprinkling success dust on all of you.

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2 thoughts on “I Won’t Cry…

  1. Da Hubby got teary-eyed?!?!?!?!?!?! Awwww. Glad Miss JoJo had a good morning. I’m sure she’ll have lots to talk about this evening! πŸ™‚


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