The Nat’l Building Museum – A Preschoolers Dream

Last Saturday Johanna was over the moon excited! Not because of what she was going to be doing, but because of the fact that she was meeting up with an old friend for a play-date. After thinking on it for some time, we decided to take the girls to the National Building Museum. I had never been there, but I had heard great things and, well, they were having a groupon deal so why not?

The first thing that made me thrilled was that the museum entrance was literally right across the street from the Judiciary Square metro station. Thank God because the heat was set to Hades!

The first thing I noticed was that this museum is gorgeous inside. Why didn’t I have my wedding there? It would’ve been splendid! Anyway, see that fountain there? That’s where a lot of families go to sit around and relax, or wait for others to join them. That’s where we sat to wait for Johanna’s friend and the fountain was already the favorite part of her morning! When her friend did show up it was like they hadn’t missed a beat. THey just kept running around that open space and that’s all they wanted to do. But there was more museum to see!


The Play Work Build exhibit was my very favorite one for the kids. There was so much to do! Lot’s of tables for them to work at and a great open space building zone for them. Johanna just kept moving from station to station and I loved it. You could choose to be a lazy parent and just watch, or you could happily get involved and help them build, roll, or even seesaw!

20140906_130121 20140906_130210 20140906_130207

This wall was my favorite. Amazing! It’s a digital wall where you can build blocks with your body, and then make them come crashing down! I think I might have enjoyed it more than Johanna did.

We then headed to another exhibit that was quite interesting. There were several areas to build things, even a section with legos. The interesting part was that there was a house in the middle of the room and every single girl in that room ran towards the house. I didn’t have a problem with that, I just thought it was interesting. We don’t have traditional gender roles in our house for the most part. We both do all of the chores, so it’s just interesting.

20140906_132532 - Copy 20140906_132007 - Copy

Why yes, Johanna is pretending to be a construction worker chef. I love it!

The one thing we totally missed because we were tired, hungry, and just plain forgot about it was the BIG MAZE! I’m so disappointed because it is now closed. I hope that they bring it back next summer because that would be a lot of fun.

So if you’re looking for something to do with child this weekend, please take them to the National Building Museum. It’s located at 401 F Street NW and open from 10-5 Saturday, 11-5 Sunday.

If you find yourself looking for more things to do with your little one this weekend, please visit my facebook page. Every Saturday morning I list great events in the DMV to do with your family. Most events are free or cheap. Happy Friday everyone!


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