Being a SAHM is the very opposite of easy. It is the most difficult job I’ve ever done. I used to say that leaving home to go to work was a vacation for me, and in a lot of ways, it was. I had time to talk to adult people, make important, yet not life or death, decisions, feel useful, all those great things. Being a SAHM I’m responsible for every single aspect of Johanna’s life 24/7. I don’t punch in or out. I don’t get to choose whether or not I’m going to be alert and watchful. I’m on all.the.time. However, none of that has bothered me more than the fact that Johanna felt like she had no friends. But she DOES have friends. Let me explain…

Johanna sees maybe one friend a month, and usually not the same friend. It’s hard to plan playdates on weekends. Everyone is busy, especially in the nations capitol. There’s always something going on and the rat race is real. I do not know 1 other SAHM in my area with a female child close to Johanna’s age. None. I have met moms, A LOT of moms, with 18 month old sons. I’ve met moms with 8 year old daughters. I have yet to meet a mom that homeschools that has a child close to Johanna’s age that does not live in east bubble-nut…until a couple of days ago!

I joined a meetup on meetup.com that has a facebook page as well. It’s for local SAHM looking for playdates. Now, I have joined plenty of these groups in the past and either they fell apart, or all of the kids were under the age of 3 and they were mostly boys. So, I posted a message on the facebook page asking [read: pleading] for somebody, anybody, that had a daughter my age to respond, ya know, if they wanted to [read: I begged my behind off]. And things weren’t looking so good. Suddenly moms with 18 month old boys were responding and hooking up for playdates, I lie to you not, right there on my post. I was nearly in tears. But then…it happened! Someone said I’ve been searching for you too! And I promise you that at that very moment I saw a dove fly by. Yup. Right here in my living room. There was a harp playing. Angels descended and I was in tears.

You don’t understand. I prayed fervently for this. I’m not joking. During all of my prayers I would ask Jesus to seriously please bring someone into our lives that we could have a weekly playdate with. And he did that! Not that I ever doubted he would! I’m just ecstatic! Squeeeeeee!

Wednesday night I told Johanna about the playdate and she was soooo over-the-moon excited! She ran into the kitchen saying “Daddy! Tomorrow I meet my best friend! We go on a play date.” And I…my heart sung, and I teared up [read: boohooed like a baby]. And on Thursday, it happened. After a series of unfortunate events on the cloudiest day ever, we met at one of the most spectacular museums on Earth, the Air and Space Museum, and…well, just see for yourself!

Processed with VSCOcam

At the end Johanna got sad. We parted ways as they got off at their metro stop and Johanna said “I don’t want to stop playing with her” and I told her, God willing, you won’t have to! You’ll see her again soon.

Through all of the ups and downs of homeschooling, and there are a ton of ups and downs when mommy is not just mommy but also the teacher, this was the down that was breaking my heart. And now, this mama doesn’t feel like such a loser anymore.


2 thoughts on “F.I.N.A.L.L.Y.

  1. I can ONLY imagine how great the feeling was! I understand your frustrations as I too have been looking for something similar for my daughter, the advantage though is my daughter attends preschool so she at least has made some friends. None that she actually hangs out with currently because she recently started this school. Nonetheless , she has a cousin that she does just about everything with, but they aren’t actually the same age…close but not completely. I would pull my hair out one strand at a time being home with my daughter everyday (not that I don’t Love her) BUT she has lots of energy that most times I can not keep up with, which is why on the weekends we get into any and everything. I Salute SAHM’s because it isn’t easy! God always provides… Ask and you shall receive and you did !! Won’t he do it!!


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