Leading a Purpose Driven Day

Recently I ran across a blog post about centering yourself and your day that was eye opening for me. The writer started a new morning routine to center herself before her day really began, and it helped to keep her calm, focused, and her day streamlined. She had her little cup of coffee while she prayed and wrote out her intentions for the day. That of course caused me to take a step back and see how I focused my day. It was then that I realized that, I didn’t.

The first ten minutes of me waking up is me telling Johanna to leave me alone because I’m still sleeping, then slinging her morning muffins at her as I try to use the time that she’s chewing to slide in a few more moments of sleep. But then it begins.

Mommy I’m thirsty.

Mommy I have to potty.

Mommy I was want to play in my room.




And it all snowballs from there. I’m tired and annoyed all day. I can barely function. She isn’t taught her lessons in a smooth wya. THere are no transitions. My whole day is literally just about surviving that day. Then because she doesn’t go to sleep until 11:30/midnight, I’m up until 2 or 3 getting stuff done. Then I crawl in bed and try to sleepily read my bible going cross-eyed not really receiving a word of it. Finally I doze off, just to wake up at 8 to do it all over again.

That is suicide.

That blog post woke me up. I wish I could remember what blog I was reading because I owe that person a big thank you. Beginning Sunday night we had a new routine. Johanna was to get ready for bed at 9pm, and be on her way to dreamland at 9:30. It worked! Naps are out the window. They added an additional hindrance to her not going to sleep until the midnight hour, so no more of those! Sunday night she fell asleep at roughly 10:15. Not bad for the first night, but I was praying it wasn’t just a fluke. The next day we woke up by 8:30, she ate her muffins and watched a show while I sat and prayed and read my bible. Then She took her bath and so on. I literally had my day schedule down to the minutes. I’m talking 9:05am give Johanna a bath. 9:25am brush teeth. It was, and I am, so serious. I scheduled breakfast, lunch, and snacks, school work, and play time.  It was amazing how much I got done! Annnd having Johanna’s bedtime be 9:30 and mine 11:30 meant that I got to spend some real time with my husband. Amazing! In this short period of time Johanna has started drifting to sleep about 10-15 minutes after she goes to bed. The downside is that by 5-6am she is ready to rise and I have to tell her at least twice to go back to sleep it’s not time to get up yet. Thank God she does!

I finally have my time in the morning to thank God for seeing another morning, read his word, make a declaration for my day, and stick to it. I finally feel like I’m facing each day with a purpose, and we’ve only been doing this for 4 sleeps! Amazing!

How is your morning routine? Do you give yourself time in the morning to center yourself?


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