Oobleck: A Dr. Seuss Science Experiement for Preschoolers

Today was tactile/sensory play day for Johanna, and I felt like I was running out of ideas, so I ran to instructables.com. That’s when I stumbled upon oobleck! According to instructables:

Oobleck gets its name from the Dr. Seuss book Bartholomew and the Oobleck where a gooey green substance, Oobleck, fell from the sky and wreaked havoc in the kingdom. Here the Oobleck will be made in a bowl and will likely make a mess, but only because you can get carried away playing with it.

Processed with VSCOcam

Processed with VSCOcam

We loved it! It’s so ooey and gooey and slimy and fuuunnn! It’s a great experiment to do with your kids and to get them describing something a little different. Johanna’s favorite word for it was gooey. I went with sticky and slimy. She liked to feel it spread underneath her hand and through her fingers.

1c. water
2 c. cornstarch
Food coloring (optional)
Paper plate or bowl

Mix the water and cornstarch together. Add the food coloring if you are using it. Wait 2-5 minutes for it to thicken. Go play! Use this opportunity to ask your little ones to describe the texture of the oobleck. How does it do? Is it hard or soft when it’s pushed? How about when you squeeze it?

I hope you all have as much fun with oobleck as we did!


Jesus Weeps Because of You, Mother.

Dear pregnant moms, whatever name you choose for your little one make sure you love it because I promise you that you could find yourself saying it 100s of times a day. I never thought I would say my child’s name so often and in so many different tones. Sweetly, loudly, yelling, shouting, through gritted teeth. She hears it all. Why you may ask? Johanna is spoiled. She’s very much so on the verge of being a spoiled brat. Not so much in the way of getting materialistic things. It’s more so with her getting her way and it’s terrible!

She’s gone from being assertive to being downright bossy with everyone. I’ve tried everything to dissuade her including telling her that she won’t have any friends if she keeps it up. Nothing really seems to be working and I know part of it is that it will be a process, it’s not going to change overnight. However, with this bossiness has come major attitude which pushes me sometimes to the point of not liking my child, if only for 2 minutes. It takes me a minute to shake the fact that she is not a self made monster, we did this. We played right into it and have no one to blame but ourselves.

indexI hate discipline. Don’t get me wrong, I wholeheartedly believe in it, but I don’t like doing it. It makes me feel mean. I’ve found myself yelling a lot more than I’ve ever wanted to, but Johanna is also stubborn and tends to just be in her own little world. I can tell her not to do something 3 times and she will still do it. It is driving me insane! She knows that it is and the other day, this was her rebuttal…

“Well, Jesus cries everytime you get mad at me…”

I looked at her thinking ma’am, really? Are you using Jesus against me??? I laughed at the time, but then that made me open up my bible:

Folly is bound up in the heart of a child, but the rod of discipline will drive it far away. – Proverbs 22:15

That scripture, as well as a serious conversation with my husband, let me know that we are not doing enough. Talking is not enough for Johanna. I had even stopped putting her in timeout, which is horrible on my part. I know it sounds like I’m super soft, but I’m not. Here’s the deal – Johanna is sensitive. She has a very sweet, sensitive spirit and is the very definition of being carefree. She loves life and loves her family. She’s funny, loves to sing and dance, loves friends and parties. She is joy realized. And it’s that, the essence of who she is, that I do not want to break. I want to handle it with care. I don’t want to spank her hand and have her harden her heart. But I also refuse to let her become a raggamuffin in society. It’s such a thin line and I was having a hard time walking the tightrope. I know my fear stems from my own childhood and how my need to survive emotionally hardened me. While I know somewhere deep in my mind that I won’t ever do that to Johanna, the fear is there all the same.

So, we prayed. We pray as a family at night for the Lord to help Johanna in the areas where she struggles, and we pray separately asking the Lord to direct our path in how to handle Johanna. We have also began focusing on what the bible says a mother and fathers roles are. That means that daddy is going to step up more with disciplining her. It’s going to be a little hard for him emotionally because she’s a daddy’s girl and he loves his baby. They are two peas in a pod. But I am desperately wanting and ready to get back to being more of a nurturer first instead of a warden.

Do you have a super stubborn child? What do you do when they are disrespectful or disobedient?


Lemonade Day – Empowering Youth Through Entrepreneurship

On Saturday Johanna, JD, and I met with her best friend, Liv, and her family at a local spa for kids in Maryland. She was supposed to have a spa day for her birthday, but due to weird weather, we had to reschedule. While watching our dolls get pampered, Liv’s mom mentioned to me that she blogged about something called Lemonade day. What piqued my interest was that it is a program that helps kids become self-sufficient and business minded beginning with the Pre-School age! That is impressive. Per their website:

Lemonade Day is a national non-profit organization that empowers young entrepreneurs by teaching them business and entrepreneurship skills. Lemonade Day-DC was started by sophomore Emily Massel, who set out to host the first student-organized Lemonade Day in DC.

You bet your bottom dollar that I ran home and signed Johanna up. I cannot wait! Now, just to be clear, things like this tend to scare me a bit. Am I pushing Johanna too much? Is this too complex for her? My child is not dumb by any means, but I often fear pushing her too far or introducing her to things when she is not ready, especially because she is an introvert and I know what that is like. We don’t like to have center stage, hate for the spotlight to be on us. However, I do want to give her every single opportunity that is out there for her. Anywho, we’re doing it and you should sign your little one up as well. Checkout the video, visit the link, and if you think it is an awesome opportunity for your little one, sign up!

Lemonade Day DC
Lemonade Day National


Happy Birthday, JoJo Bean

I know that I have been MIA, and I have loved it. Don’t get me wrong, I have missed you all, but I needed the break. I had so much jam packed into December that something had to give, for my sanities sake. Unfortunately blogging was that thing. But I’m back today for a very special reason. In 4 hours one of the most important days of the year will be over. My babygirl Johanna was born on January 12,2011 at 8:24pm and my world changed instantly. She is now 4 years old and I have no clue where the time as gone. Even as her birthday came I saw her personality become a little more mature. There’s pride in her voice when she says she’s 4 years old. It’s totally a big deal for her and I love it. But I’ve created a little bit of a monster…

This summer Hannie said “ooo, I know what I want for my birthday. A my little pony party!”. So since summer I have been gathering items to make that wish come true. But I knew that I would be exhausted so I figured we needed some kind of activity to go with that. Why not an indoor pool party? She loves the water, so it was the perfect fit!

Here are some of the photos from our pony party. The setup was taken before we were done setting up so please forgive the lack of signs to tell you what everything is. Also, please forgive me for there not being a real pony at the party. Johanna wasn’t understanding why that wasn’t possible…:

The Invitation. I had so much fun making this invite. It was colorful, and anything but boring inside, including a little treat for the guests.

IMG_20141209_162359The party table for our little guests. I eventually tied enough balloons to the chairs so that each of them would have one to take home with them. And you can’t see the signs I made from this angle but there was Spikes Chips and Dip, Rainbow Dash Fruit, and Princess Celestia Veggie Platter.

DSCN0183   Rarity’s Nail Polish Salon

DSCN0211Pinky Pie’s Pony Bling

DSCN0191Rainbow dash sunglasses!


The treats table! I will place the photos of the labels at the bottom if you would like to download them.

DSCN0198I was so proud and happy to be able to make this cake for Johanna. She wanted lots of sprinkles, so that’s what I gave her!

IMG_20150111_201420Shoes I painted for the birthday girl. One shoe was Rainbow dash, the other was fluttershy!


Time to sing happy birthday! I absolutely adored this single candle. It put on a great show!

DSCN0230candle1The cutie mark crusaders! So cute. The face painter did an AWESOME job!

DSCN0237DSCN0224Here are some of the posters we had up at the party. Such great work!

*dash&johanna3 watermarked1

all about johannaI am so happy the party is over. There are plenty of details I didn’t capture, like the waterbottles, orthe pinky pie punch, but it’s ok lol. I’m exhausted, and I’m just happy the birthday girl is happy.

Face Painter – fabulousfacepaintingbynatasha.com
Balloons – Party City
Poster 1 – Angie (contact me for contact info)
Poster 2 – Fiverr (contact me for contact info)
Cups – amazon
Sunglasses – amazon

applejacksapples  fluttershyscookies  PC Sugar Clouds Pinkie Pie Lemonade   PT Magical Oreos copy - Copy   Raritys Cinnamon Roll Pops RD Fruit Tray   Spikes Chips and Dip