Chrisette Michele Pose ‘N Post DC Event Recap

1429538276743Hello friends! I have been sick (strep throat and allergies), but I could not let one more day go by without telling you guys about the Pose N Post event that I went to a week ago. I was so excited and a touch nervous that I was having problems deciding what to wear, and I’m not that girl! I’m not a fashionista, I just make it a point not to look scrubby, and keep it moving. I finally decided that comfy chic was my way to go. Black fitted tee, jean jacket, fitted jeans, sparkly heels, pretty necklace, and makeup. Yup, I made it work!

So as I mentioned previously, Chrisette Michele and friends were stopping in 8 cities with Washington, DC being the fourth stop on their tour. The event took place at the Hillyer Art Gallery and they get major chic kudos for that. If you don’t know, the Hillyer Art Gallery is in the Dupont Circle neighborhood of DC. It is an intimate space that just begs for sexy events to take place there.

Let me go ahead and say this and get it out the way. I’m notoriously late for everything. I can’t help it now that I have a child. That said, there was a time available for me to interview Chrisette one on one, but because I made it there late (about 20 minutes late!), I missed that time and I wasn’t able to. However, The event was so intimate that I feel ok with that, I just wish I could’ve given you all more insight into her. and her Rich Hipster brand.

cm3The evening began with a cocktail hour. Very chic and everything had a touch of pink!



cm4Every single item was so yummy! Yummy enough that I wanted to go back for seconds, but my mam raised me better than that. I kept looking though…

 cm9Cocktails were provided by VOGA Italia

cm8Hey Chrisette! Hey Girl!

cm7Chrisette kicked things off by singing us a little diddly. I love a singer that sounds better than they do on the radio!

Chrisette then introduced us to the panelist, which included Brosia Malbrough, Lover4_Fashion and Courtney Adeleye of The Mane Choice. Then they let the audience ask their questions. Many wanted to know thing’s like when did your blogging/vlogging turn into a career for you? How did you know it was time to quit your day job and give your dream job all of your attention? How do you determine which social media platform you should use? I learned something new here. I had no idea about the social media platform called meerkat! I see that I have more work to do. At the end of it all the lessons I took away were 1) Everyone starts somewhere, even if it is just one item that you know works. Start there. 2) Do what you really really love. If you would do it for free, do that. Do the thing that brings you joy. 3) If you’re just starting out and you only have 20 followers, that’s ok. Focus on quality over quantity!

IMG_20150409_194241In the midst of it all, they had an icebreaker! We had to find someone we had never met before, exchange name and IG information, snap a pic, come up with a hashtag together and tag each other in the photo. I met with makeup enthusiast Nyedi Arrington and our hashtag was #beautymamas. She has a better photo on her IG (I have no clue what was going on with my camera!).

1429540073942The evening ended with them thanking us for coming out, a photo session, and a goodie bag!

IMG_20150410_122031(1)(From left to right: @carinkilbyclark, @mimicutelips, @ichoosethesun, @iamjohannasmama, and one whose handle I didn’t get 😦 )

Ooo, look who I ran into while there – fellow BLMgirls! It was great meeting some of them, and seeing others again.

Did you make it out to Pose N Post? Do you have any burning social media questions?


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