Real Men May Not Cry, But REAL Daddys DO!

angieIt thrills me to introduce my sister-in-law, Angela Johnson Ayers, to the Dads are Awesome! series. Ever since Angela could speak, she has been using her voice to encourage, persuade, debate, challenge, influence, and educate people on how to reach their social, emotional, relational, physical, professional, weight and educational dreams. She does this through books she has authored, such as “Blast Off! Launching You into Motherhood- A 21 Day Devotional for the New Mom”, as well as her one woman play she wrote and stars in titled, “I’ll Be Darn, I’m Okay After All!”  Whether you are attending one of her ” Enhancing Beauty from the Inside/Out” workshops, or viewing her YouTube site “Life Can Not Weight,” the common theme is; nothing has to keep a person down. Angie says that “having once been 150 lbs heavier, I know what it feels like to feel trapped.  I use my voice to help others help themselves break free.”  Being a mom is another area that caused Angela some challenges.  You can read more on her blog.

My husband Larry has the ability to love like no human being I have ever met. When I was single, I prayed for a man that would love me in a supernatural way. Although I trusted that God heard my prayers, I must be honest; I found and still find myself surprised at how exact God was at adhering to my request. My husband is the personification of what true love embodies. He has seen and experienced me at my worst and yet, all he seems to pour back is forgiveness and love. Is he a perfect man, no, but his love is perfect towards me……..

angielarryAnd if he could not get any sweeter, there have been moments when I see him crying while gazing at our two daughters, Aunna who is 6 and Lillian Grace who is 3. When I notice him during these emotional expressions, I battle whether to hug him, ask if he is ok, or simply tip toe away. The first time I observed this occurrence, I assumed he was sad. Later he explained to me that sometimes his love for our children just overflows his heart.

larrygirlsWhat I admire most about Larry as a dad is his ability to verbally, physically, and emotionally display his true feelings to and in front of our children. Many men in my husband’s age group were taught that “real” men do not cry, do not say I love you and definitely do not do both in eyes view for others to witness. As a mother, but even deeper, as a woman, I know firsthand how detrimental it is for a female child to recognize what true, healthy male love is. A little girl’s first image of male love is and should be from their dad, and I am extremely thankful that Aunna and Lillian Grace have a walking, talking, living and breathing example of what love from a man looks and feels like. So many times young girls go out searching for male love and acceptance in ways that are not always positive, simply because they did not have a constructive male figure to validate, nurture and encourage them.

Although our daughters are young, I often have images in my head of Larry walking our daughters down the long, flowing isle to be wed. I anxiously await that moment, for reasons that most mothers normally do not anticipate. Yes, I know that Aunna will look gorgeous in her gown of choice, the wedding venue will be elegant, the scent of fresh flowers will radiate an ambiance of sweetness, and tons of family and friends will encompass the space, but I long to see the beauty of Larry’s tears that I know without a shadow of a doubt, will drape his eyes, cheeks, and face like a vail of true, unashamed, and unapologetic love!

Dadseries(1)This post is a part of the week long series Dads are Awesome!, which runs from June 15-21 in honor of dads that rock everywhere.Signature

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