Review: Freetress Danity L-Part Wig

I love diva hair. There’s no denying that. From my short sassy wig, to long, luxurious hair, I love it all! I also love to change my hair up often, like, very often. Like…every 3 days often. Since Saturday I have worn 3 wigs and my natural hair. See, I’m a bit obsessed with changing my hair looks.

So last week I was perusing YouTube looking for my next look when I stumbled upon the Freetress Danity L Part Wig.I think what grabbed me is that it was completely opposite of what I currently have going on:

Johanna's Mama(2)Short and sassy. I was starting to miss that hair swing and flip though.

Side note: I don’t know if I mentioned this, but my hair is going through an extremely dry period right now, which is different for me. That’s another post for another day, but that’s why I’m wigging it so much lately.

Anyway, This wig looked so glamorous on the YouTuber that I just had to buy it. Here is what it looks like on the website:

WMDAN_DANITY_OP99J_600-140411021040Here it is fresh out the pack. I didn’t do anything to it except cut the lace. No finger coming, no highlighting the parting space, just plopped it on my head. I got it in a 1b:

20150727_132910Check out my video below to hear me gush about this hair and tell me what you think!


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