Pinterest Tested Thursdays: Advent Calendar Box

A couple of years ago I started the advent calendar tradition with Johanna. No, we are not Catholic, but I do enjoy doing little things that lead up to Christmas. Not just things that bring my daughter pleasure, but activities that will also bring pleasure to others and show them love, just like we were showed love by God sending Christ to us.

Last year I used little cards and envelopes for her calendar, but this year I wanted something that I could use time and time again. Naturally I went to pinterest to get ideas!

That is where I ran into this pin. One project used the Karen Foster calendar box. It looks like this when you purchase it:

51UTfX1oPQL._SY300_Very straight forward, no frills. So I went back to pinterest and found some digital Christmas paper that I printed out on card stock and cut out using the guideline that comes in the package. Here’s my finished product!

12247858_526317690875034_3680546474146038367_oI’m pretty happy with how it came out. I did add some stickers to it to jazz it up a bit. Overall this was a very successful pinterest test. Just a word, the box is small. The drawers are really small, maybe 1.5 inches or so. This wasn’t a problem for me because I don’t usually add gifts inside of Johanna’s box, but activities. Any treats she gets we usually make together, so I’m going to put small papers inside of each box with the activity that we will do, and at times I will add a hershey’s kiss or some other small candy.

If you are looking for activities to do during the advent season, checkout my post from last year here. You can also check out this post that I found on pinterest. I plan to incorporate some things from that list into our advent season this year.

Do you celebrate advent? What are some of your favorite advent activities? What do you do to keep the spirit of Christmas alive?


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