Hey, Look, I Made This!

On September 7th in the late evening, after a month stay in the hospital, I gave birth to another beautiful baby girl. My birth story will come some day. Some day when I’m not still in the throws of wrapping my mind around it, some day when I’m not lost in the sea of newborn happiness and exhaustion; someday when I’m ready to relive the ups and downs of it, able to tell the story compactly and neatly, able to let the glory of God shine in what felt like a sea of disappointment, guilt, and confusion.

I love her so much. Having a baby is everything! I’ve left you all out of so much of this journey already that I had to come back to let you know she’s here and I’m in love. More importantly, Johanna is in love. She is the absolute best big sister ever! She lives to help out and love on her real, live doll. I’m so happy God answered her prayer for a sister. Apparently it was just what she needed. And maybe it was just what I needed too.



24 thoughts on “Hey, Look, I Made This!

  1. Hi there baby girl! Welcome to the world! You have a good family that is going to raise you to be a strong, loving, kind, God fearing woman of society. You and they are very blessed.


  2. Congratulations. Many blessings Isabela. It is such a blessing to be able to bring another life into the world and another love into our hearts. I am so very happy for you.


  3. Congrats ::throws confetti::Welcome Isabelle. So can’t wait for you to share the baby labor story with us…but question. Will you be changing the name of your blog?


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