Free Magic School Bus Lesson Plans


Johanna loves science. I mean LOVES science. She even loves watching science shows, particularly ones that involve surgery. I don’t exactly adore science. I don’t hate it, but meh. I was always more of a literature and math kind of girl. So when it came to finding a science curriculum that we both could enjoy I struggled. That is until I came across this free Magic School Bus curriculum.

This curriculum allows us to watch the show, then do simple, easy, yet fun experiments that don’t cost a ton of money in supplies. We just finished the Air episode and did the experiment that accompanies it. The best part is that if you are having a rough or busy day and don’t have time for an experiment that is going to take an hour, there are experiments that literally take 5 minutes tops. This is perfect for us considering we have a new addition to our family that takes up a lot of our time. The fact that I can broadcast the episodes onto the tv with my chromecast is awesome!

Recently I discovered that you can also buy The Magic School Bus experiments. They are available on amazon individually for a great price. You can also buy the complete set  on Educents! We have not gotten the set yet, but we are seriously considering it. I’m all about doing what’s easy, and is easier than having all the materials right at your fingertips?

Does your little one love science? What do you do to fulfill their science requirement that is mentally stimulating yet easy for mom?


14 thoughts on “Free Magic School Bus Lesson Plans

  1. I don’t have little ones but my youngest is a science geek. My gbaby will soon be able to watch this show though. I’ll have to tell her about the free curriculum.


  2. My big one (12 tomorrow) loves science. He loves experiments and robotics especially. I love that you were able to find something that works for the both of you.

    Congrats on the new addition.


  3. Her loving science is awesome. I’ve been reading that most girls don’t and that counts for the fact that most of those in the science and medical community are men. Encourage her. I glad you found something that works for the both of you.


  4. I didn’t even know this existed until my kids saw a poster while walking in the city and went nutz! Hey, anyway to get the kids interesetd in learning is alright with me.


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