New Blog Series – This is How We Disney

Spring 2016 my husband decided he wanted us to take the family vacation since we had a 5 year old. He thought it was time. You know the one I’m talking about. The one that seems like it could be fun, but it could also be incredibly exhausting and daunting to plan. It can eat away at all of your vacation days and your retirement plan. That’s right, I’m talking Disney World here.

So starting in June I threw myself into planning like our lives depended on it. I learned everything Disney. I can answer questions for anyone at any time now about planning a Disney vacation. You all know that I’m a planner. It’s in my blood, it’s what I do. So when he said Disney, I ferociously read everything single thing I could. I pinterest, googled, and facebooked the heck out of it. And it all paid off. Earlier this month we took our first family trip to Disney and I’m here to tell you all about it. Each day This week in a series called This is How We Disney I’ll do a post dedicated to our Disney trip. From lodging, to food, to the must do’s, I’ll discuss it all. At the end of the week I’ll list all the tools that were helpful for me and post a vlog to our youtube channel to showcase our trip! I hope you’ll join me for the ride, and more than anything, I really hope these posts will be helpful to you on your planning journey. First up tomorrow, our resort choice. See you then!


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