Not an Instagram Homeschool Mom

I’ve always wanted to be what Instagram showed me as the perfect homeschool mom. Waking up an hour or two earlier than the kids, drinking my cup of coffee or tea while reading my morning devotional, going into prayer, then planning and preparing for the day. I used to think man! Those moms really have their crap together. Definitely not a slacker like me. But tried as I may, I never could get myself together in the mornings. I peel my eyes open once Isabella begins hitting my face, or crying, whichever comes first. And then I just lay there, much like a sloth you would see at the zoo. Tap dancing on the line of dreaming of just one more hour of peaceful rest and thanking Jesus that I’m seeing another morning, promising to make good use of it…if only the bed and I could stop our love affair. Then Johanna right on que announces that she’s hungry, so we all get ourselves together and eventually make our way downstairs for breakfast and the start of another school day. And as that day comes to an end and the kids and husband are in bed having their own affair with the bed, I realize that I have found my sweet spot. It’s not Instagram picture perfect as the only light streaming in is that which is provided by the moon, the bathroom, and the computer. It’s not ideal for drinking anything but decaf coffee or tea as I would be ridiculously jittery from the real stuff, but it is perfection.

The moon and I have been great pals for years now and many a night we have fought the sun so that we could dance just a tad bit longer. It is when the moon is shining reflecting the light of the sun that I really become alive. Suddenly my thinking is clear and sharp, brainstorming ideas to execute my homeschool dreams and plans is as easy as breathing, and patience to learn and grow as a homeschool mom magnificently magnify. I’m able to purge much of what I hold in my head for only me, myself, and I to see, clearing much needed space to have a dialog with my Jesus that I tend to struggle to have during the day. It’s nothing short of brilliant, until my head starts to swim and my vision gets heavy reminding me that I’m no longer 20 something and this dance I have going with the moon must cease until yet another night as I have to spend much of my time with the sun these days because I’m 30 something with kids that need to be taught and molded and real world problems that can only be resolved between the hours of 9-5.

Somedays I still really admire those Instagram moms. Many in this society put so much value on those who are able to wake up with the sun. They accomplish much and they’re hard workers. They must be amazing and their kids must be geniuses! But I remind myself that I’m no less awesome. After all, I get to dance with the moon and that’s downright magical.

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