Last month I took a week break from Facebook. Actually, I fasted from Facebook. No logging on at all. No checking my groups, not even my preview homeschooling groups, no checking messages nor events, nothing.

Is not the first time I took a break from Facebook, but I did find that I was more inebriated this time. I wanted to use my time well, doing things that absolutely had to be done. So I did.

I did more work in my devotional. I prayed more. I worshiped more. We got through our homeschool days easier. I watched sermons from New-to-me ministers. I was present.

It was amazing!

I felt like I had taken my life back. No more taking on others pains, anxieties, worry, or sorrow. I’m am emotional chameleon, easily taking on the works of those around me and in Facebook, you get a little of everything. But I noticed that I was getting way more bad than God, and it was reading me alive. And I knew ALL the news. There was no escaping it, and that sucks me cry as well. I was too plugged in! I needed time to just be in HIS presence and to seek Him. But I’m not finished.

I’m not catholic, but I still like to give up something for lent. This year I decided to give up Facebook again and although it’s just really started, I know it’s going to be amazing! I’m looking for God to reveal himself more to me, to work miracles and for his favor to rain down on me. I’m looking to grow, to bend, to be molded. To hear his voice. Have him order my footsteps. I want more. More him, less of me. I can’t get that unless I shut the noise out.

I took a break from Facebook and survived thrived. I look forward to making this a new habit.


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