La Dale “Reina” Johnson is a blogger who considers herself a non-working actress that stays connected to her many creative talents.

A native Washingtonian that enjoys her time as a stay at home mom, during “off” hours the entrepreneurial maven is a mocha hybrid of your favorite crafty notables; flipping conventional spaces and events into something grand, complete with personalized crafts and decorations she designs by hand. As an extra creative bonus, she also has a knack for and enjoys enhancing the beauty of women through makeup.

She is a loving and witty wife and an always evolving mother to 4-year-old Johanna and a sexy four-legged beast of a black cat, Pepper.

Through her blog, La Dale shares the messiness, joys and often chaotic adventures of being Johanna’s Mama. In May of 2014 La Dale was honored to be apart of the Listen to Your Mother DC cast where she read an emotional piece entitled Inadvertent Grace. You can watch the piece here:

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