Crayola’s Multicultural Crayons+ Giveaway!

Were you ever asked to draw yourself in class when you were a kid and the only skin color crayons you could find were peach or brown? Or how about coloring books? Did you ever go to color in a picture of a kid that kind of looked like you in a coloring book and the brown was too dark, or the peach was too pink to really resemble you? That’s the world I grew up in. There was not a lot of diversity in crayon colors when it came to trying to match my skin tone. So imagine my surprise when I was browsing twitter and saw a crayon box that said Crayola Multicultural Crayons! Family, I literally started tearing up and squeeeing all at the same time. I believe I shouted “OMG WHAT??? Squeeeee!!!!!” I confused the heck out of Johanna. She didn’t know if she should flee or dance.

You all know that I love products that celebrate diversity in skin tones and hair, especially products that my daughter can relate to and use to reflect herself. Needless to say I dropped everything I was doing to contact Crayola and say ” are you serious? Is this for real? You guys are amazing!”. Now, I won’t say that this includes every skin tone in the world, but it is a great step forward.
Johanna'smama(2)Crayola sent me several products to test and they were gracious enough to send me products to do a colorful giveaway as well!

One winner will receive:

  • (1) 8 pack of Crayola Multicultural Crayons
  • (1) 8 pack of Crayola Multicultural Colored Pencils
  • (1) 10 pack of Crayola Ultra-Clean Washable Markers
  • (1) 64 pack of Crayola Crayon Colors
  • (1) Pack of Modeling Clay (4 colors inside)

To enter, simply 1) subscribe to this blog and 2) leave me a comment below telling me what your favorite crayola product is. Follow the guidelines below for up to 5 extra entries:

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You have until 11:59pm est Thursday, August 20, 2015 to enter. Winner will be announced via blog post and by email at 10am on Friday, August 21, 2015. The winner will have 48 hours to contact me to claim the prize. Good luck!

*Open to the US only.

DISCLOSURE: Johanna’s Mama received several samples of crayola products for testing. However, no additional compensation was received, and all opinions expressed are my own.


*Giveaway* – Curl Centric Curly Kids Coloring Book

About a month ago I did a review of the Curl Centric Curly Kids Coloring Book. Johanna loved it and still does! As she was coloring in it the other day, pointing to the pictures she colored and exclaiming “she looks like me!!!”, it came to me that I want other kids to feel that way too. That is why I have decided to do a giveaway!

#jmcurlygiveawayYou will receive one copy of The Curly Kids Coloring book by Curl Centric. It contains over 30 images of curly haired beauties that your daughter will love to color and identify with.

How do you enter?

Entering is pretty easy. You MUST follow my blog. Also follow me on facebook ( and twitter (@johannasmama). For extra entries follow me on instagram (@iamjohannasmama), and pinterest (@johannasmama), tweet and/or regram the image with the hashtag #jmcurlygiveaway. Please leave a comment below telling me how you entered and your handle on all sites you used to enter as well. The winner will be announced on Wednesday, July 8th. Good luck!
*Winner will be announced on the blog and by email. Item will ship directly from vendor. You have 24 hours after being chosen the lucky winner to send me your address*.


The Life You Want: 5 Gurus Tell You How to Go Get It!


Back in March I was going through some things. I was in a funk. I hated my job. HATED IT! I absolutely adored the junior staff, but the company as a whole was running with a filthy spirit. I was in constant prayer about what my next move should be. I knew I needed out of that job, but I had Johanna to consider. It was during this time that I was socializing on the interwebs when someone mentioned something about the Oprah Life You Want tour and my ears perked. Not because of Oprah. I know many adore her but I can’t tell you anyone I idolize outside of God and I want to keep it that way. I appreciate Oprah for her contributions, especially as an African American woman, and I like that she makes you think, but it stops there. But the life I was living was not the life I wanted and when I realized that Oprah would not be the only one speaking at this conference, I jumped at the opportunity to go to the conference.

And I’m glad I did. It took place this past Friday evening into Saturday. There were some real nuggets being dropped those two days. There were also some confusing moments. For one, I don’t know who the universe is. So many kept saying the Universe will guide you or What you give to the universe you’ll get back in return. Umm, no. What I give to God I will give back in return. The universe can’t do a thing for me. Also, there was one person in particular, Mark Nepo, that I felt was extremely spiritually confused. He said he follows all religious paths. Wow. Okay, if that’s what you want to do. To ME personally, that sounds like a bunch of confusion. I can’t follow Jesus and Mohammad, I just can’t. But that’s just me. When he wanted to lead us in a meditation the spirit of God told me to open my bible and read. So that’s what I did. No disrespect, but if you are all over the place spiritually, I can’t allow you to guide me.

I learned during that conference to take what I could use and leave the rest. And with that mantra in mind, I had a good time. My favorite speakers were Oprah, Elizabeth Gilbert, and Iyanla Vanzant.

From Ms. Orpah:

Elizabeth Gilbert

She also said something that caught me so that I forgot to tweet it. She aid that “even here in your darkest hour you still live in a world exploding with miracles and you need to go and get yourself some of that.” I love it. It’s a great reminder for us to step outside of ourselves. We get so wrapped up in our own issues we forget to stop and see the beauty that God places around us every day!

Iyanla Vanzant

Another great one – The life you want is on the other side of the labor pains that you have to experience to birth it.


Along with these great speakers we also had work to do, including creating a new vision and choosing a new language. We even had homework!

And along the way I was able to empower myself in other ways. If you follow me on twitter (@johannasmama) you may have already seen these…



and did you see my video???

Again, I had a great weekend. I felt like it was just for me. A break from being a mom and wife. A just for me moment. There was so much more than I have time to write about, it was pretty awesome. I was able to pick up quite a few nuggets and begin the journey of figuring out the life I want. Now I’m in deep prayer to make sure the dream I have for my life lines up with the life God has for me. I encourage all of you, especially moms, to go get the life God has for you. It’s ok to be a little selfish and have a dream of your own and actually formulate a plan to make it come true. Better a little selfish than a whole lot of bitter, no?