Discovering Home

One of the things that Johanna and I love to do on a Saturday is explore our city. Thing is, it’s been a few years since we have moved from DC, yet that is the city we continue to explore.

I am a Maryland/DC girl. Born in DC, raised a couple of years in DC, then to MD, but spending 6 days a week in DC because that’s where I went to school and where my mom worked. When I moved back after college I went back to DC, then MD, then DC, and finally back to MD again. I am much more a city girl than a suburb girl, but Maryland costs a million dollars less than DC for a house, so it just made more sense for my family since we aren’t, well, millionaires. Thing is, embarrassing as it is, I don’t know much about Maryland at ALL.

Recently my husband and I spent a Saturday in Annapolis, MD for an early valentines day date. We had such a good time that we thought we would bring Johanna with us next time, so that’s just what we did. I discovered that I really do love Maryland. It’s beautiful! I’m glad we’re finally enjoying our own backyard. And you know what? I decided to vlog our day. Watch as we get up, get ready and try our best to make it out the door to enjoy main street in Annapolis. Don’t forget to thumbs up and subscribe!