5 Ways to Celebrate Back to School as a Homeschool Family

btsOne of the things that I love about being a homeschooling mom is the flexibility I have in teaching Johanna. I am able to make things magical and very creative. If she decides tomorrow that she wants to learn more about flowers, I can drop EVERYTHING and we can head down to the national arboretum. It really is just that simple. However, the one thing that I have noticed a lot of families have not yet mastered is how to make “back to homeschooling” exciting.

I know that quite a few homeschooling families don’t do Back to Homeschooling like parents who have kids that go to regular school do. A lot of that is because many homeschool parents, like myself, school year round. Also, a lot of homeschool parents simply do not have the time. They are busy putting together their schedules and binders for the school year, and that can be very hectic. Some don’t know quite how to celebrate starting school up again. I have decided to take a two week break this month before starting back up with our activities. I want Johanna to feel special when we start back up again. Because of this I created this list of 5 ways that parents can celebrate Back to Homeschool with their kids:

1. Go school supply shopping with your kids.
Don’t you remember being a kid and being super excited about what color folders and what cool pens you were getting for the new school year? I remember being absolutely crazy about trapper keepers and these super awesome pencil cases:

Taking your child shopping with you can create that very same excitement. It also makes them feel like they have a hand in their education, giving them a sense of pride.

2. Create an inviting space
I think it is important to change up your homeschooling room every year to make it more exciting. Put up a new theme, maybe change some of the furniture in the room. While you’re setting things up your student could decorate their notebook, or decide on a piece to add to their homeschool area that makes it feel more like their own. A change of decor tends to add to the excitement of starting a new journey of learning.

3. Back to Homeschool photos
As parents we tend to love documenting each new journey that our children take, and the first day of school should be no different! It helps to create buzz, and it’s a great way to capture how much they grow from year to year. Checkout my pinterest board here for photo props and ideas.

4. Back to school breakfast
They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Why not make it super special by heading out to get a stack of pancakes and discuss all of the excitement over a new school year? Honestly, this will also help me to not stress as Johanna is a picky eater, but one thing is for sure – she LOVES pancakes!

5. Take a field trip
I love taking field trips with Johanna because it reminds me of why I homeschool. The fact that we go on field trips weekly and she is able to see what we study in action means a lot to me. Field trips are also very exciting for her. They get her out of the house and into an interesting new world. Why not kick the school year off with a fun, yet educational, field trip? It’ll help keep things light for the first day and ease everyone into a new school year.

Something else I like to do at the beginning of the school year is a scavenger hunt for school supplies. This is pretty age specific as I’m sure that once Johanna is 12 she will tell me that she’s too old for that sort of thing, but last year she loved it. I simply had her search for specific letters around the house and told her if she was hot or cold. wherever there was a letter, there was a school supply and treat for her to add to her book bag. This year the search will be a little more creative and complex. I also adore this back to school interview! The options really are limitless when creating excitement and buzz about a new school year, even if you homeschool! Your child is starting a new chapter of learning and that should be celebrated.