This Is How We Disney – Do You Believe in Magic?

Now, we all know that Disney is Magical. You can feel it as soon as you see the castle, or the first character. But we wanted to make it even more magical for Johanna on her birthday.If you have a princess, you have to make an appointment at the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique (BBB).

The BBB is located inside the infamous Cinderella Castle at Magic Kingdom with a second location in Disney Springs. It is a salon for princesses (and knights too!) to get all glammed up. It is owned by the Fairy Godmother of all Fairy Godmother’s and the Fairy Godmothers in Training are the ones that service the kids who range in age from 3-12. This was Johanna’s favorite experience on her birthday, and here’s how we made it happen.

We learned that reservations could be made 180 days in advance (by calling 407-939-7895). That was a little tricky because I was trying to get our precious Cinderella’s Royal Table reservations at the same time, but it worked out. As soon as I made the reservation at BBB the fairy godmother magically transferred me over to dining reservations and I was able to make our CRT reservations to begin right after Johanna would be done with her makeover. We were given a couple of instructions after making our reservations:

  • Hair must be clean. Washed, and ready to go.
  • Nails must be free of nail polish
  • The child must be between the ages of 3 and 12
  • A credit card is needed to make your reservation. You must cancel within 24 hours of your reservation or a cancellation fee will be applied.

Upon arriving at BBB we were asked if Johanna was going to buy a dress there or if she had brought her own. It just so happened that she wanted to be Belle for trunk or treat this past fall, so we brought that dress with us to Disney. They asked us which package we would be getting. Here were our choices:


We went with the Crown Package. Johanna simply didn’t need all of the other stuff in the other packages. She also went with the traditional Fairy-tale Princess hairdo. FYI, The Knight Package is $19.95 plus tax and includes hair styling with colorful gel and confetti as well as a sword and shield.

They showed us to a dressing room where she could change, then we came out and waited for her Fairy Godmother to be ready. While it was packed in there, we did not have to wait long. Her Fairy Godmother was wonderful. I think it is important for my Black readers to know that her Fairy Godmother was not Black and she did her hair just fine! Scouring around the internet I found that whether or not they could do ethnic hair well was a concern for many, not just myself. I did blow dry and quickly flat iron Johanna’s hair the night before to make it more manageable though!


When Johanna is in a new situation with someone she does not know, or heck, sometimes even with people she does know, she can be very shy and look shell shocked. Her Fairy Godmother was so wonderful. She talked to her the whole time and was very sweet. I must also say that the appointment flew by! I think from the time we walked to the desk to the time we left was maybe 45. When we went to check out Johanna was over the moon about all the products she got to keep, her tote, and her sash.


When you leave your appointment you can head right across the way for a photo-shoot. It was so professional and really made our princess feel important. After photos there we looked for a Disney cast member to take a couple of pictures with the castle in the background.

Thinking of making an appointment at the Boutique? Here are a couple of words of advice:

  • Buy your own dress for your princess to wear. It’s cheaper!
  • Purchase Memory maker. Photopass photographers are in BBB taking shots of your little one during their whole transformation and upload them right away to your my Disney experience account.
  • Go early or midday so that your little one can experience what it feels like to be a princess. After the makeover every single cast member at the park greeted Johanna with “hello princess!”. Super cute.
  • Don’t be afraid to go to the Disney Springs location. We did the location at the castle because it made sense since we had CRT reservations. However, there are extra perks at the DS location, such as Build-a-Tiara, which allows patrons to select a crown in the color of their choice and add individually priced jewels to it. There’s also Build-a-Wand which allows patrons to build a wand with beautiful accents. Then there’s Build-a-Jewel-Box which allows them to fill a pink satchel or jewel box with princess jewelry. To top it all off, your little one can virtually try on a collection of Disney Princess gowns and accessories, and watch themselves transform into their favorite princess with the help of a Magic Mirror.
  • Not feeling Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique? Your little one could also get a transformation at the Pirates League or Harmony Barber Shop.
  • Is your princess too young for BBB? That’s ok. Have her wear a princess dress to the park because there are face painting stations throughout where they will do princess makeup for her.

Don’t forget, if you’re celebrating a birthday, let the agent know when you book your stay, and also when you check in. Sometimes they will lightly decorate the rooms or leave autographed character photos in the room for the birthday girl/boy. This didn’t happen for us, but I do know that it has happened for others.At check-in they’ll give you a birthday button and your little one will be wished happy birthday wherever they go. Also, when the button is worn they usually also give you a free cupcake at your table service meal.

If you have any questions about the BBB experience, please do not hesitate to ask me. It was truly magical, even for me. If you have experienced the BBB, I would love to hear how your experience was!