Pinterest Tested Thursdays: Father’s Day Super Dad Card Printable

In case you haven’t noticed, Fathers Day is coming up and I’m pretty darn excited about it! On top of hosting my Dads are Awesome! series, I’m also helping the kid create things to give her dad for Fathers Day. While searching for superhero stuff on pinterest, I ran across a Father’s Day Super Dad Printable Card. Sweet!

This one was pretty easy and fun to test. Johanna did a great job. She asked for some suggestions on colors, but honestly, I thought her Rainbow Brite way of doing things was great! I just told her to hold off on the dark colors like black, and she was fine with that. Then she got to work, while I searched for the perfect photo of my husband’s head to put on the card lol.And voila! Here you have it:

Moldiv_1434636015878Isn’t it adorable? This Pinterest test obviously gets an A+ from me. Get your own Super hero dad printable on Alpha Mom’s blog. And don’t forget to check me out on pinterest here. Happy coloring!