Dads Are Awesome! Series 2015

Recently I had an idea spark, and I frantically took to twitter and facebook to try to make it happen. A series to celebrate fathers during the week of Fathers Day. How blessed am I that great writers answered my call? This series is very important to me. Fathers are so often overlooked, seen as babysitters, or as secondary parents. They just sit in the background merely existing, if they’re around at all! They are deadbeats who don’t really care about raising their children, they just want to get out of it. They don’t have a connection to their kids the way that mothers do. They are only meant to provide. Those are the messages that society tells us and many believe them. Well, I don’t. I am blessed to be able to say I see great fathers all the time! It’s not rare. I see them on my commutes, at the grocery store, in my church, in my family. I see them everywhere. Father’s that really give a darn about their daughters and sons. Father’s that want to see their families succeed and prosper. Because of this, I wanted to honor fathers this Father’s Day week. I want to share amazing stories from amazing writers about just how awesome father’s are and what an impact they have on our lives. I hope you enjoy this series and really take it to heart. I pray that it causes you to pause and pick up the phone to thank the men in your life that rock as father’s. They deserve it.