Review – February Japan Crate

While I’m still trying to get my life together, I’m uploading a couple of videos Johanna and I have done that I never got around to posting. I’ve been holding on to this Japan Crate video since February! And I love this video because you can see so much of Johanna’s personality in it. I hope you enjoy the video. Feel free to leave a comment if you’re over these videos or want to see more of them. Johanna absolutely loves the camera!


Japan Crate Video Review

Hello lovelies! It is a cold, snowy day over in my neck of the woods. What do we do when we’re snowed in? Cook and craft of course! And since we had nothing but time on our hands, Johanna and I decided to record a video for you all!

We love trying unique treats around here, so ordering a Japan Crate was a must. Johanna has beenwaiting forever to try the snacks in her crate, and she wanted even more to share the experience with you! My child loves the camera. So without further ado, here is our review of the December 2015 Japan Crate! Info on how to subscribe for you own can be found in the description box below the video on youtube.


Taking a Virtual Field Trip Around the World

About a month or so ago an internet friend (don’t you love those?!) told me that she was doing geography lessons with her little one, and I immediately said idea STOLEN! While I am not exactly that girl that remembers state capitals and such, I am that girl that adores learning about new places and discovering new things. I would love for Johanna to be that person as well, so I thought this was perfect!

We started last month with China. It was great! We had dim sum (she hated it), we participated in Chinese New Year, we read children’s books and non-fiction books about China, as well as watched language videos. It was great, worked out perfectly! For March we are doing Japan since the Cherry Blossom festivities will begin right as we are ending, perfect timing! Well another internet friend (yes, my internet friends are way better than yours!) sent me her pinterest board because she is an elementary school teacher and wanted to help me out with homeschooling Johanna. I was totally overwhelmed at first, but soon I stumbled upon something that caught my eye.

Have you ever heard of the Google Art Project? Well it was new to me (I know! I must live in a cave…or I’m just busy being the Black Martha Stewart) and to say I was excited is kinda sorta putting it lightly. How timely for me to find this! Google Art Project allows you to view over 100 museum collections from 40 countries. You can either explore the museum (a dream come true!), or view the artwork. Seriously. You get to take a walk through the museum as if you are actually there! This is me in the Tokyo National Museum:

UntitledHow amazing is that??? This has turned my teaching on it’s head. It’s made things just a little bit brighter and exciting! Of course, I couldn’t discover this and not tell you, you know, in case you too are extremely busy saving the world being an awesome parent and somehow missed out on this little nugget of information.

Have you incorporated world studies into your little one’s curriculum? How do you teach your children about the places far away from their home?