Epic Supergirl Party For My Super 7 Year Old!

When planning Johanna’s 7th birthday party I was…tired. Tired and confused. She wasn’t really clear on what she wanted and I was still super exhausted from planning Isabella’s (that post is super late, yet coming soon). To know me is to know that I like to be very hands on when it comes to my parties. The thought of having to plan yet another one was overwhelming to say the least. We threw around so many ideas: Emoji party, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Alice in Wonderland… The emoji party sounded very blah to me, I loved the idea of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (still not sure why we didn’t go with that one), and Alice in Wonderland was just too much. There were too many decorations I would simply have to do and I would run myself into the ground trying to make my vision happen. Then suddenly, out of nowhere, a flash of Johanna in a superhero outfit went through my mind and I knew that was it.


But I also knew that I did NOT want to do your typical Spiderman/Avengers/etc. party. I also did not want to do wonder woman or any other supergirl character party. I wanted the party to be focused on Johanna and her friends specifically being superheroes. That’s when I jumped on good ole fiverr and began the first step in having an african american superhero girl created. In fact, I had 2 different people turn a photo of Johanna into a superhero. I was not very happy with either of them – shout out to my graphic artist friend Amanda for fixing the drawing I liked the best (you can find her contact info down below)! In the end it worked out and it gave me a great starting point for the party. With that photo I began to scour the internet for invitation ideas and I felt pretty darn good about myself for getting the invitations out before 2018!


So here’s the thing. I knew Johanna was watching me with this party. She saw how much work I put into Isabella’s party. She also saw how for months I had supplies rolling in so that I could make all the things for the party. She was watching to make sure that she received equal treatment and I was trying my darndest to make sure that happened.

But then the Christmas season came. And I forgot. Forgot all about the party.

So right after New Year’s I looked to see what was on my plate and was shook to find that not only was her party coming up, but I hadn’t done a darn thing for it! We had secured Badlands in Rockville, MD for the party, but that was all that was done. No cake was ordered, no cookies, nothing! And while I do love making cakes for family and friends, Isabella has sucked every bit of energy I ever had in the last year and it just wasn’t going to happen, so I had to get moving.



Thanks to Instagram I found a baker. A week before the party we headed to his bakery at Iverson Mall and I tried a cupcake. The cupcake was good, so I went ahead and inquired about ordering a cake. After some back and forth of trying to work with my meager budget ($100 or less) I got the cake order and felt darn good about that. Next I dug through facebook trying to find the cookie decorator I had met at a local Homemakers Ministry I attend, as my usual cake person was on vacation until the day AFTER party! Thankfully I found her, and she was able to fill my order with iced sugar cookies that were so soft and yummy! I was on a roll!

Then thanks to my creativity and at times, some help from etsy, we got things rolling. Johanna was constantly peeking over my shoulders and I could tell she was starting to feel very excited about how things were coming together for the party. But then I remembered that the child needed something to wear. Oy! I hit up my friend Mallory who is famous for making an outfit for her girls in a day, and gave her my vision for Johanna’s cape. I also need one made for her cake topper (more on that later). She was able to whip it up and get it to me in a week, and I am forever thankful. I bought a plain white shirt from Walmart and do to limited time I shoved my silhouette into the corner and created a simple and quick iron for her shirt instead of vinyl. I also made one for the whole family. I ordered a tutu off of amazon (which arrived smelling very much so like fish and had to be washed 2x to get the smell out) and some gold pants (wear once and done type pants, if you know what I mean). I forgot all about the mask, but thankfully a wonderful etsy shop was able to get that to me in 3 days.

By the time the day of the party arrived I was dizzy with exhaustion and so happy that I was almost done. However, my annoyance at how tired and frantic I was dissipated when I saw how happy and excited Johanna was at her party. I barely saw the child because everytime I looked around I would just see a flash of gold sprint down a hill, or a slide, or climbing up. There was laughter, much exercise and the sounds of kids becoming exhausted from the fun.

They colored airplanes, got inside of one, and had fun with some stuff that looked like playdoh but was actually much nicer than any playdoh I’ve ever had. And then there was cake!



So my regular cake topper lady was also on vacation when I went to place my order. Instead I decided to buy this really cute doll I saw and I was going to use her for the cake topper. She arrived and she was MUCH too big. I tried to get a couple of people to make her a doll. One wanted entirely too much money, and the other just…it just…yeah, no. I couldn’t. So that was scary because I was really stuck. 2 days before the party I drug the kids to Target in a final effort to find the dang cake topper. I prayed that the Lord would guide me, and he did. In my favorite aisle (you know which one) I looked down and there was exactly one doll that was $5 and could totally work for the cake topper! I jazzed her up with the cake and a little sticker I attached to her shirt and voila! It really worked out, don’t you think?! And I intended on making cupcakes, but then I saw this hot pink cake at my local grocery store for only $14 and I thought about how much time I would be saying and decided what the heck? Two cakes it is! I also stepped on the cake before leaving for the party so there’s that…

The kids loved their favors! I’m so thankful to oriental trading for the sunglasses and cupcake (turned candy apple) stand I was able to get from them. Although I must say that was absolute favorite favor to give out was the tumblers I bought from Dollar Tree. I glittered them, added a sticker, and boom! I also really enjoyed making the placemats. For the backside I was able to print a cute table setting guide for the kids. I really do like for my favors to be functional and I thought the parents would appreciate that.


It was an amazing party and everyone had a super time. And I am beyond happy that in 2016 we decided that the girls would have a birthday party every other year instead of every year, so mama gets some rest in 2018.

If you would like for me to do a review on my experience having a party at Badlands let me know!

Location: Badlands PlaySpace, Rockville, MD
Cake: Pro Cakes, Iverson Mall, Temple Hills, MD
Safeway, Bowie, MD
Cookies: Adrien of Sweet Treats Couture, MD.
Cupcake Stand: Oriental Trading
Cake “topper”: Target
Water Bottle Labels: PrintablesMirtaGyles
Supergirl Candy Bar Wrapper: SimplyEverydayMe
Superhero Birthday Sign: SimplyDovie
Mask: Monichelle Designs
Metallic Leggings: Amazon
Graphic Design Artist: Amanda Carlson


Tutu and Bowtie Party: Happy Birthday, Johanna!

Since Johanna was born, we’ve had a birthday party for her. Planning parties is in my blood! This time sind Johanna actually requested one. She wanted a Princess party! However, we had to go back to the drawing board because her friend had a princess party last year, and I didn’t want to view of their style. So Johanna suggested a Tutu party. How cute is that?! I thought it was a wonderful idea, but questioned what the boys would wear. Then it hit me – a tutu  and bowtie party! I asked for her color scheme (she was very specific about which purple and which blue she wanted) and my mind exploded with projects from there.

I love being hands on and creating a much as possible for events. I hope you enjoyed what I came up with a well. Johanna loved it and that leaves me satisfied.



The Main Table

This is probably one thing that I’m most proud of. I made all of the treats, including the cake, jazzed up the balloons, created the poster. Just about everything is dipped in chocolate, yuuumm!I also made the tulle skirt for the table and that my friends was a labor of love!


The Activity Table

This was downstairs. Kids were able to create their own crowns, play with their tulle wands, get their face painted, and have fun at the photo booth. I enjoyed making gumball necklaces for them, the tulle wanna, and cute little candy ring boxes filled with candy confetti. Thank you to my silhouette machine for helping me make the diet for the mannequin, and the shirts for Johanna and I!


Glitter – sequin balloons decorated our living room.



Photobooth Props

Thanks to the dollar store, the photobooth area was super easy!


Thank you table

I jazzed up the water bottles and focus boxes, and decorated the jars to put flowers in them. Johanna loves flowers! Shout out to my friend Michelle for cutting the 5 out for me. All I had to do was glitter it.


Face paint time


Make a wish, Johanna!


I upgraded her birthday shoes!


Happy birthday Princess. We love you!



Shimmer and Shine: How to Host a Sponsored House Party FREE!

105-genie-treehouse-full-1x1A few weeks ago we were chosen to host a Shimmer and Shine House Party for this past weekend. It was a ton of fun! Shimmer and Shine is a new NickJr. show premiering tonight!

Shimmer and Shine are Leah’s secret genies who sometimes misinterpret what Leah wishes for — and that’s when the adventures begin. Your kids will love the humor and music in every episode; plus, it teaches problem-solving and teamwork. – NickJr.

They greatest part about this party is that we were sent a bunch of products for free to host it! You too can host your own house party. Here’s how it works.

  • Sign up on the House Party website to be alerted when new parties are listed.
  • Peruse the site for a party you are interested in. There are parties for adults as well!
  • Apply and do all of the extra steps they ask you to do to have a good chance of being selected.
  • Cross your fingers and say a prayer!

That’s it! It really is that simple. If you are selected, you will receive a party pack like this:

Johanna's Mama #ShimmerandShine PartyWhat’s great is that you can invite everyone right from the website. They provide the evite for you to send, and they also provide printable party favors on the site. The only thing you have to do is provide some vital vittles and have your party!

The kids colored in this poster while they waited for the other party guests to arrive.

Johannasmama.comEveryone quietly watched the show munching on popcorn.

Johanna's Mama #ShimmerandShineViewing Party!After the show they enjoyed punch and cake, then had a ball running around playing with each other.

Johanna's(1)I just wanted to add a tiny bit more sparkle to the party favors, so I added shimmery lipgloss, a sparkly bracelet, sparkly maracas, and neon bubbles to the favors.

Johanna's MamaAs mentioned, this was a house party sponsored party, and received the shimmer and shine products for free!

STORIESThe best advice I can give when hosting your own party is to remember this is a great opportunity to have a party for almost free. If you’re a party planner like I am, you’re going to want to go all out and it’s going to be hard to restrain yourself, but I had to remind myself that this wasn’t a birthday party, this was a party to show off the new Shimmer and Shine show, so it was ok not to have a candy buffet, a ton of food, etc. Trust me, that part was hard. Hopefully the next house party we do is around her birthday and I WILL be able to go all out!

Johanna's Mama #shimmerandshineCatch Shimmer and Shine Monday, Aug. 24, at 7:30 p.m. (ET/PT) on Nick and the Nick Jr.


Happy Birthday, JoJo Bean

I know that I have been MIA, and I have loved it. Don’t get me wrong, I have missed you all, but I needed the break. I had so much jam packed into December that something had to give, for my sanities sake. Unfortunately blogging was that thing. But I’m back today for a very special reason. In 4 hours one of the most important days of the year will be over. My babygirl Johanna was born on January 12,2011 at 8:24pm and my world changed instantly. She is now 4 years old and I have no clue where the time as gone. Even as her birthday came I saw her personality become a little more mature. There’s pride in her voice when she says she’s 4 years old. It’s totally a big deal for her and I love it. But I’ve created a little bit of a monster…

This summer Hannie said “ooo, I know what I want for my birthday. A my little pony party!”. So since summer I have been gathering items to make that wish come true. But I knew that I would be exhausted so I figured we needed some kind of activity to go with that. Why not an indoor pool party? She loves the water, so it was the perfect fit!

Here are some of the photos from our pony party. The setup was taken before we were done setting up so please forgive the lack of signs to tell you what everything is. Also, please forgive me for there not being a real pony at the party. Johanna wasn’t understanding why that wasn’t possible…:

The Invitation. I had so much fun making this invite. It was colorful, and anything but boring inside, including a little treat for the guests.

IMG_20141209_162359The party table for our little guests. I eventually tied enough balloons to the chairs so that each of them would have one to take home with them. And you can’t see the signs I made from this angle but there was Spikes Chips and Dip, Rainbow Dash Fruit, and Princess Celestia Veggie Platter.

DSCN0183   Rarity’s Nail Polish Salon

DSCN0211Pinky Pie’s Pony Bling

DSCN0191Rainbow dash sunglasses!


The treats table! I will place the photos of the labels at the bottom if you would like to download them.

DSCN0198I was so proud and happy to be able to make this cake for Johanna. She wanted lots of sprinkles, so that’s what I gave her!

IMG_20150111_201420Shoes I painted for the birthday girl. One shoe was Rainbow dash, the other was fluttershy!


Time to sing happy birthday! I absolutely adored this single candle. It put on a great show!

DSCN0230candle1The cutie mark crusaders! So cute. The face painter did an AWESOME job!

DSCN0237DSCN0224Here are some of the posters we had up at the party. Such great work!

*dash&johanna3 watermarked1

all about johannaI am so happy the party is over. There are plenty of details I didn’t capture, like the waterbottles, orthe pinky pie punch, but it’s ok lol. I’m exhausted, and I’m just happy the birthday girl is happy.

Face Painter – fabulousfacepaintingbynatasha.com
Balloons – Party City
Poster 1 – Angie (contact me for contact info)
Poster 2 – Fiverr (contact me for contact info)
Cups – amazon
Sunglasses – amazon

applejacksapples  fluttershyscookies  PC Sugar Clouds Pinkie Pie Lemonade   PT Magical Oreos copy - Copy   Raritys Cinnamon Roll Pops RD Fruit Tray   Spikes Chips and Dip