Lemonade Day – Empowering Youth Through Entrepreneurship

On Saturday Johanna, JD, and I met with her best friend, Liv, and her family at a local spa for kids in Maryland. She was supposed to have a spa day for her birthday, but due to weird weather, we had to reschedule. While watching our dolls get pampered, Liv’s mom mentioned to me that she blogged about something called Lemonade day. What piqued my interest was that it is a program that helps kids become self-sufficient and business minded beginning with the Pre-School age! That is impressive. Per their website:

Lemonade Day is a national non-profit organization that empowers young entrepreneurs by teaching them business and entrepreneurship skills. Lemonade Day-DC was started by sophomore Emily Massel, who set out to host the first student-organized Lemonade Day in DC.

You bet your bottom dollar that I ran home and signed Johanna up. I cannot wait! Now, just to be clear, things like this tend to scare me a bit. Am I pushing Johanna too much? Is this too complex for her? My child is not dumb by any means, but I often fear pushing her too far or introducing her to things when she is not ready, especially because she is an introvert and I know what that is like. We don’t like to have center stage, hate for the spotlight to be on us. However, I do want to give her every single opportunity that is out there for her. Anywho, we’re doing it and you should sign your little one up as well. Checkout the video, visit the link, and if you think it is an awesome opportunity for your little one, sign up!

Lemonade Day DC
Lemonade Day National