New YouTube Channel – Follow My Weightloss Journey!

Hello lovies and Happy New Year!I know it’s been a long time, but if you’ve been with me for a while, you know that not only is Christmas season super busy for me, but so is January since that’s Johanna’s birthday month and I’m swamped in party planning. But I’m very excited about my news today!

For some time now, about a year or so, I’ve suffered from low self-esteem. I haven’t been able to pin point why. What I did know was that my weight was a part of it. I even began to avoid looking in mirrors. I would go to get ready for the day, very briefly look at my face to make sure it was presentable, then quickly look away. It was making me sad to be me.

I had gained weight. I was no longer “size sexy”. For majority of my life I loved me and the skin I’m in and even thought I wasn’t the beauty industries idea of sexy, I didn’t care because I was my idea of sexy. But summer 2015 I discovered that I was almost the same weight I was when I had Johanna and that was not only shocking, but hurtful.


Since summer I have been working on me and falling in love with me again. A week ago I decided to chronicle my journey on youtube not only to help others, but to gain support for myself. By the way, I’m currently down 44 pounds. Check out my channel to find out why I’m still not over the moon about that.

I really do hope that you will join me on my journey. I may report here from time to time, but I’m going to report more specifically about weightloss on the youtube channel as to not turn this into a weightloss blog. I also have a second instagram account to go with the channel so I hope that you will follow that as well. You can find my youtube channel here and my instagram account here.

Thank you for your support, and I hope that you find success on your journey’s as well!


Pinterest Tested Thursdays: Individual Tree Braids

So this week I sat down for the length of one movie and five episodes of One Tree Hill to complete a hairstyle. I posted it on instagram and facebook today and immediately started  receiving messages asking how I created the style. I am NOT a hair guru in the least, but I am good at recreating things that I see. I was scrolling along on pinterest one day when I saw this look. It’s called individual tree braids. I had heard of tree braids, but not individual tree braids. So I visited my second favorite site, youtube! And I found a video on just how to recreate the look.

This is actually my favorite youtube channel for hair. She is incredibly detailed in explaining her techniques, which is why her videos are usually 30+ minutes long.

Individual Tree BraidsThis was yet another successful Pinterest project, and I’m quite happy for that since it took approximately 6.5 hours for me to do. If you braid quicker I’m sure you could get it done in four hours.

Make sure you check out her other videos and don’t forget to visit me on pinterest! Happy pinning!


How to Get My New Protective Style


Last week after doing my hair for 4 hours I had a mini photoshoot with Johanna. She’s always up for some camera time and I secretly love that about her. Anyway, after posting one of the photos on facebook, quite a few people commented on how much they loved my hair. A few asked me where I got it done. I was quite proud to say that I learned it from a youtube person. Now it’s not perfect, and it doesn’t look half as great as theirs, but I still love it. Now I know that you’ve noticed by now how terrible my eyebrows are. Stop staring and judging. A new lady at the nail shop totally jacked them up, and now I’m screwed trying to grow them out so someone can make sense of them. I have no idea how to perfectly manicure eyebrows, so I have just been walking around looking quite sad. Stop judging. I see you judging with your judgey eyes Mister/Misses Mcjudgeyson. Hmph. It could happen to any of us.

Anywho, here is the tutorial that I used. If you decide to to do this style, or some variation of it, let me know so I can check it out!